Future: What happens next?

Some suggestions for the future can be found at the Futurium. The Futurium is a joint initiative by the Federal Government and leading German research organisations, foundations and business enterprises. It is an independent platform for dialogue and networking between state, science, business and society. https://futurium.de/de

Here is a statement from scientists for future with recommendations about what should be done  https://www.scientists4future.org/stellungnahme/

A magazine which publishes several future related ideas is called The Beam. https://medium.com/thebeammagazine

So where can we get more information from experts in Berlin?

As Faires Schule one of the first sources of information is the Entwicklungs- und pädagogisches Informationszentrum http://www.epiz-berlin.de/

Another idea is to become a KlimaSchule in Berlin – there are more resources available. https://www.berliner-klimaschulen.de/fuer-dich/

Another possibility is to invite professors from the Beuth Hochschule to come into the school .


sustainability in schools/Nachhaltigkeit in der Schule

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