Planting trees in Basdorf

Red oaks

Quercus rubus

Red oaks are a robust species of oak, originally from North America. They are particularly tolerant of drought and are capable of surviving the sandy soils of Brandenburg. They provide a good habitat for the insects and mammals as well as providing commercially valuable wood.

Pupils and staff of the Schiller Gymnasium, together with members of the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald (SDW) and members of the Rotaract club, planted 1,600 red oaks near Basdorf on the 24th of October 2020. This project was initiated and generously financed by the Rotary Club in Berlin.

Despite the difficulties presented by the coronavirus epidemic, thanks to a well thought out hygiene plan with masks and social distancing, the tree planting was a complete success.

A new project is planned for the spring of 2021
  • increase foliage cover
  • increase humus
  • reduce water loss
  • increase bio-diversity

sustainability in schools/Nachhaltigkeit in der Schule

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