planet strikes back

School pupils have shifted world debate about sustainability. So what does that mean, closer to home in Berlin?  This website should provide pupils interested in questions of sustainability with a set of links and information about where to find information. There are links to other organisations with the view that pupils can find interesting ideas and information, so that they can invite speakers to the school or come up with other ideas about opening discussions about sustainability.

First question to ask is what are the facts and can we believe them? Here are 24 facts which have reached a consensus in the scientific world and have extensive resources

If you think you know the answers, then see if you can find some friends to play the climate collage game!  Check it out!

Some interesting videos about climate change can be seen here:

More in depth information about climate change can be found on the website of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. 

The UN has an incredible set of resources about what is happening to the planet:

So where can we get more information from experts in Berlin? See the page Suggestions for the future for more links.


sustainability in schools/Nachhaltigkeit in der Schule