Food: Now and in the future?

Eat less meat. It’s not necessary to be vegan or vegetarian,  but if you only eat meat once a week, you appreciate it more, and you save  tons of CO2. If you eat organic meat, you help support jobs in small local farms, biodiversity and animal welfare. You can see what impact the food we eat has by looking at this website 2000m² (in German)

Some Statistics

However, eating sustainable food is still a tiny part of the overall market as can be seen by these statistics – less than 6% in Germany in 2018. However, the good news is that it is growing.

The Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft have a lot of data about food production in Germany.

And in Brandenburg…

Sustainable food in Berlin and Brandenburg

If you choose regional food, you also save on transport and the food is fresher, with less need of plastics.

So organic meat is more expensive per kilogram, but if you eat less of it, you are not out of pocket and you have made a substantial contribution to helping to mitigate climate change. Some information on growing food in Berlin and Brandenburg can be found here :

Urban farming with aquaponik in Landschaftspark Herzberge

Ökodorf Brodowin

Berlin is a great place for finding vegan cuisine as there are a plethora of shops, restaurants and cafes offering vegan food items. This is in addition to a wide variety of cultures being present in Berlin. There are Vietnamese, Thai, American, Japanese and many European places to choose from. Even vegan-friendly ice cream has spread to many shops across the city. Websites such as locate dozens of shops offering vegan food items. Even typing “vegan restaurant Berlin” into google maps will give you an array of results.

Growing your own food

But if you grow your own food, that is very satisfying in more ways than one. You can grow tomatoes on your balcony, strawberries in hanging baskets, zucchini in containers. Click the link below to help you get started.

Read the labels

Watch out for where produce comes from. Are forests disappearing so that you can eat soya, use palm oil or eat cheap meat?

sustainability in schools/Nachhaltigkeit in der Schule

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