Berlin: sustainable living?

So, what are concrete suggestions for living sustainably in Berlin?

One of the most important areas about getting more information about sustainable living in Berlin is the Epiz website.  Epiz is a non profit organisation and has a large pool of facilitators and an extensive collection of didactic materials, which enable them to touch on a great variety of globalization issues. Their work contributes to making past and present global interrelations visible and helping individuals to reflect on their roles and responsibilities within this framework. They are engaged with issues of social justice, human rights and global sustainability.

Epiz also runs the Faire Schule project, which is aimed at schools. This German language site encourages schools to develop their ideas about developing a democratic school culture, putting global learning into context and taking responsibility for protecting the environment. More information at

The Berlin Senate has already been putting some ideas for developing a more sutainable lifestyle into practice:

The recycling company Berlin Recycling has a few suggestions:

Some more ideas are suggested by, whereby the article was written in 2017, so some ideas might be affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Have a look at some of the videos made by the WWF on Earth Overshoot Day

Here are some of the ideas pupils in secondary level schools are putting into practice in Baden-Württemberg

sustainability in schools/Nachhaltigkeit in der Schule

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